Uncover Data Patterns with Artificial Intelligence

Automate the search for meaningful signals hidden in your data sets with Pattern Intelligence

Introducing PatternIntelligence:

Cutting-edge platform that automatically mines massive datasets for complex patterns.


Automatically build a Data Warehouse of AI models and predictive patterns

Search massive data sets AutoML models in the cloud, efficiently and effectively. Designed for business analysts, it does not require coding or advanced Data Science skills. It builds sophisticated predictive models both across many levels of granularity. Drill down to explore correlations, trends and anomalies to get highly nuanced insights.



Finding needles in a haystack is easy if you let machines do the work.

Pattern Intelligence uses AI to search massive data sets for meaningful signals. Designed for the cloud, it dynamically adds and removes computing power to find the best combination of performance and price.

How it works

Data Prep

Fully fledged data preparation pipeline, including super feature extraction.


Multi-dimensional automatic compute, cloud-native scaling.


Browse and augment with human oversight and domain knowledge and context. Create powerful data stories to communicate insights across different stakeholders.

AI & ML Pattern Types

Patterns come in many shapes and sizes. Our toolbox of algorithms contains many tools, ideally suited to search for specific types of patterns to make sure nothing is overlooked

We combine classic AI/ML and highly specialized methods to analyze technical time series. Technical time series are usually not long-running or open-ended processes. They are produced by technical processes such as operating a piece of machinery or using an electrical device. Very often, they have a definitive start and end point and show behaviour that is driven by its physical properties, such as acceleration or heating and cooling.

With our graph algorithms we detect patterns that are built on combinations of nodes and edges. This is essential to identify many patterns that appear in processes and involve discrete elements.


Foundational Patterns

  • Correlations
    What factors have decisive influence on your KPIs and how are they related.
  • Clustering
    Find similiarities to group and categorize your business objects.
  • Trends
    Predict the future and forecast what is going to happen.
  • Outliers
    Find anomalies and exceptions and mitigate and deal with them professionally.

Time Series Patterns

  • Shape Detection
    We can detect temporal shapes of technical processes
  • Time Series Clustering
    Grouping types of time series based on similarity
  • Phase Detection
    Decomposing time series into sequences of phase data
  • Anomaly Detection
    Identifying anomalies and outliers in time series to manage exceptions

Graph Patterns

  • Hierarchies
    Detecting hierarchies and nested structures that share similarities.
  • Impact
    What impacts do specific events have on their environment?
  • Sequences
    Understand the order in which certain events take place.
  • Causalities
    Move beyond correlation and understand real causal relationships.


PatternFinder Features

Intuitive UI, no Data Science, no arcane technology

This is why we highly value our competence portfolio and manage it strategically. We are constantly observing the market and update our core skills to make sure we can always offer our clients the best advice.



Big Compute

AI that can analyze millions of features and generate millions of hypothesis needs to massively scale up and down to remain cost-effective.

Data Warehouse

Search engine for process and asset data: advanced search lets you quickly find and overlay behaviors of interest within the vast amount of historical process or asset data captured in one or more historians. Our users indicate that with search they can easily assess problem impact and validate or invalidate hypotheses in a matter of minutes.

Data Integration

PatternFinder fits easily into your existing IT landscape, and comes with plug and play connections for your existing data infrastructure and easy API integration. View the standard connections with data historians and relational databases that PatternFinder offers.

Data Stories

A learning organization: You can share your analysis work with the click of a button. Simply bookmark behaviors and capture the root cause, or share views directly in our web application. All users of PatternFinder can associate metadata of interest with each labeled event, including custom fields, attachments and comment threads.

Embed in your landscape easily

We have designed Pattern Intelligence so that it fits right into your enterprise IT data stack.

Overcome Silos

Pattern Intelligence finds correlations between formerly siloed data sets, giving you the full picture of your business.

Rapid Set-up

With its library of pre-built connectors Pattern Intelligence deploys within days, not weeks or months.


Pattern Intelligence performs data-in-place analysis. There’s no need to set up new data transfer pipelines.

Out-of-the-box Integrations


How is PatternFinder different from AutoML?

AutoML is a method to automatically find the best predictive models for a given use case. PatternFinder does this for all use cases and scans the entire data set to show you the most valuable opportunities.

How is PatternFinder different from other Data Science platforms?

Most Data Science platforms target AI/ML experts. They provide an integrated environment where data scientists would normally need to work with various different tools. PatternFinder targets business analysts and domain experts.

How does data access work?

PatternFinder can access data from many different sources: virtually all standard SQL databases and cloud data lake stores. Also, most standard file formats are supported. We can add unspported data sources on customer request.

Do I still need human data scientists?

PatternFinder is meant to automate data science work and supports business analysts. Human data scientists work on specific high-value problems and create predictive models for only a select group of use cases. PatternFinder helps you identify those use cases.

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