Pattern Intelligence

Discover correlations to improve process control/insight/understanding

What is Pattern Mining?

Pattern Mining brings clarity to complexity

Pattern mining is an analytical process to discover meaningful and relevant relationships in your business environment that can be exploited. It applies the latest techniques from AI and machine learning and leverages the cloud’s massive computing capabilities.

For this purpose, patterns are defined as regularities in your data sets and consist of elements that repeat in a predictable manner. AI and machine learning are key because they allow you to build predictive models that quantify these relationships. Make your management decisions data-driven.


Why Pattern Mining?

Pattern Mining is the ultimate step to optimization: it reveals unknown patterns and hidden correlations. Exploiting those opportunities let you further push the limits of efficiency and optimize profitability.

Automatically discover novel features and insights in complex data. It is  the fastest & cheapest way, get to/deliver value quickly and easily, pattern mining is easy to implement and has a short time-to-value.



• Unlock opportunities
• Discover opportunities for growth
• AI ideation helps companies reveal non-obvious growth opportunities
• Discover unexpected {events, relationships, ..}
• Exploit


• Eliminate blind spots
• Get rid of inefficiencies
• Optimize resource allocation
• Reduce costs and waste
• Increase productivity
• Improve performance of your operational processes


• Unearth unexpected drivers for better decision making
• objective, fact-based
• prioritize initiatives effectively: Foundation for Data Science/AI/ML
• Improve strategic outcomes

How Does It Work?

We apply state-of-the-art Machine Learning methods to your entire data set and look in literally every corner: we ask every possible question and check every thinkable correlation. We then rank all correlations and select the strongest one. After contextualizing those hits, we create data stories that give you a full picture of your hidden opportunities.

Pattern mining is made possible by the combination of two distinct skillsets: big data and, equally important, big compute enable the processing of large data sets and AI and machine learning have the ability to extract sophisticated insights from noisy data sets.



Big Data & Big Compute

  • Constantly growing amounts of data require novel engineering approaches to process them economically in reasonable time
  • Huge data sets contain signals and patterns that are hidden underneath layers of noise. Multi-dimensional and exploratory approaches are required to extract all this knowledge. This means that analysis must be performed on small subsets and from all angles.
  • Cloud computing and novel approaches to concurrent and distributed computing allow to efficiently scale compute infrastructure on-demand for any data size.

AI & Machine Learning

  • Increasingly sophisticated algorithms can discover novel features and insights in noisy data sets that are too hard for humans to detect.
  • New methods to automate machine learning can ask even more questions and can find deeply hidden correlations and complex patterns. Combining multiple methods from computational statistics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Finding what can be predicted. Unearth the most powerful features that drive your business scenario, let you mitigate anomalies and anticipate evolving trends.

Powerful Platform or Pattern Package.
Your choice.

We have prepared two offerings to give you the power of pattern mining.




Powerful Platform for Pattern Mining

We have created a fully automated AI/ML platform to automatically scan and mine your complex manufacturing processes for optimal operations.

  • Lo-/No-Code Data Science
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Advanced Time Series algorithms

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Service Pack

Fixed Time, Fixed Price All-in-One Package

No risk, no capex, fixed time, fixed price. Great insights within 20 days. 1.000.000 questions asked.

  • Avoid Gartner’s top challenges
  • Get started right away
  • Make a strategic entrance into AI/ML

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