Next Generation Business Analytics

Use automated AI/ML to mine your business processes for advanced patterns

Find hidden structures and relationships in your business data

Your ERP & CRM systems contain untapped data treasures: regularities that can be predicted and used to optimize business performance. Automatically mine your data sets and find hidden value.

Pattern Intelligence applies latest AI/ML methods to search for structures and relationships that are not visible to the human eye. Optimize your business and make smarter decisions with next-gen business analytics.

Turn numbers into data stories with business patterns

Move beyond traditional business intelligence and augment your insights with sophisticated AI/ML. Patterns tell impactful stories of opportunities and risk. Pattern Intelligence brings them to life.

What stories are hidden in your data?



What factors have decisive influence on your KPIs and how are they related.



Find similarities in groups and categorize your business objects.


Analyze changes over time and anticipate what is going to happen next.


Find anomalies and derive mitigation strategies to handle exceptions.

Augment your BI systems with Pattern Intelligence
Data + Intelligence Applied

Companies have invested much in business IT systems and built extensive infrastructure to capture their history in Data Warehouses and BI. Leverage this investment and apply AI/ML on top of it.

Evolve from descriptive to predictive analytics: understand truly causal relationships and sophisticated patterns.

Real management requires real understanding

You can only manage what you truly understand. Understanding the forces that shape your business landscape powers next generation management.

Improve Management

  • Optimize business processes
  • Discover growth opportunities
  • Create complex outcomes by carefully managing root causes

Build an intelligent enterprise

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Automate decision making
  • Find best use cases to embed AI/ML in your business processes

Pattern Mining for Business Processes

Pattern Mining brings clarity to complexity

Understand what Pattern Intelligence and Pattern Mining are: how does it work and why you need it.

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Powerful Platform or Pattern Package.
Your choice.

We have prepared two offerings to give you the power of pattern mining.


Powerful Platform for Pattern Mining

We have created a fully automated AI/ML platform to automatically scan and mine your complex manufacturing processes for optimal operations.

  • Lo-/No-Code Data Science
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Advanced Time Series algorithms

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Service Pack

Fixed Time, Fixed Price All-in-One Package

No risk, no capex, fixed time, fixed price. Great insights within 20 days. 1.000.000 questions asked.

  • Avoid Gartner’s top challenges
  • Get started right away
  • Make a strategic entrance into AI/ML

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