PatternPack: the easiest and fastest way to Pattern Intelligence

Eliminate all barriers to AI/ML adoption: minimize time, cost and risk with our all-in service pack

Our Instant AI/ML Starter Package

There are many reasons why AI/ML adoption is a challenge for virtually all companies: you don’t have the time or the budget to invest now, you struggle to hire scarce Data Science skills or you are not sure where to start.

Whatever it is, we have designed a fixed-time, fixed-price service pack to offer a solution and get you started instantly and risk-free: with PatternPack, you learn within days the exact business potential that you can address with Artificial Intelligence.


Business Benefits of PatternPack

There are four tangible and clear benefits of why you want to get all the insights via our service pack.

Identify Target Use Cases

Get an immediate understanding of where your biggest opportunities are hidden so that you can maximize your ROI.

Accelerate Innovation

Don’t spend valuable time building up a corporate capability that is better put to use somewhere else.

Maximize Efficiency

No up-front infrastructure investment. Understand what your data capture network really needs to provide and manage your edge computing intelligently.

Avoid Pilot Purgatory

Don’t get stuck with a big investment and no tangible business value.

Fixed time, fixed price

Get All the Insights with Our Service Pack

To find out where hidden opportunities in your manufacturing process lie without major exposure, we have prepared a fixed time, fixed price service pack. You can save all capital expenditures, not to mention the hassle of building up a dedicated Data Science team.

With our Service Pack, you get all the insights in 20 days. This is an ideal place to start you AI/ML journey.


1.000.000 Questions Asked

In just 20 days, we scan and work through 1.000.000 questions. That way we cover every corner of your data space and make sure nothing remains hidden.

  • 1.000.000 models/patterns/predictions/correlations computed
  • Top 100 selected and sorted
  • Top 10 data stories created

The Easiest Path to Adopt AI/ML

Gartner has identified the top 5 challenges for enterprises to adopt AI and ML. We have designed our service pack to precisely address those challenges and make your path to AI and ML as smooth and as fast as possible.


How it works: as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Get all your insights and grow your business in three simple steps.

Step 1

Prepare & agree: we set up a call to discuss scope and deliverables of the Assessment Center. Once we understand exactly what your objectives are and you understand scope and deliverables, we have a d

Step 2

Perform work: we sign a mutual NDA and securely upload your data. Superforecast will do AutoML and backtesting, a human expert will review and interpret the results. Your data will be removed from our cloud after we have completed our report.

Step 3

Get results: you’ll receive a bespoke report containing our findings, and we’ll schedule a video call to walk you through the results and take your questions. Additionally, you will get a PDF report and an Excel spreadsheet with your latest forecasts.

What We Do

We mine your data set for patterns

The whole process described in three simple steps. We go away and do all the work within the time period we have agreed upon. No interruption for you. You can focus on your day-to-day responsabilities.



We prepare and transform your data so that it can be used for deeper analysis.


PatternFinder automatically scans your data set and with massive computation generates and tests a myriad of hypothesis.


Human intelligence then browses the results and puts them in a domain-specific context that is outside of machine intelligence.

What You Get: Results

You get results: how to optimize your business

  • Extensive Report/Findings
  • Models/Types/Parameters/Predictions
  • Data Quality Review?

We make sure we transfer all insights into your organization so you get the maximum output of our service pack. We will give you a personal presentation and a knowledge-transfer-session, together with a comprehensive report and software with all the top-scoring predictive models.



Expert Presentation

One of our experts will walk you through the work that has been performed and explain our findings in a call with your team.

Comprehensive Report

All of work documented in a PDF file which covers our insights in detail.

Current Forecasts

An Excel spreadsheet that contains Superforecast’s best predictions for the next months and a description of the ML model type that Superforecast selected.

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