Meet the Team behind PatternIntelligence

Optimizing your business with AI

Hello, we are Wireframe …

We created PatternIntelligence to give users the best forecasts possible.

Wireframe was started with the conviction, that Cloud, Big Data and AI/ML would form the basis of the next phase of enterprise computing where everything could be digitized, and data will be the foundation for all decision making.

Our Story


After more than 15 years working as a consultant in Enterprise IT and helping companies like BP, Jaguar Land Rover, Deutsche Telekom, SAP, Publicis, British Gas, ABN Amro and Amadeus, Heiko Korndorf founded Wireframe AG in 2012.

After automating business processes with ERP and CRM applications running on client/server architectures, Heiko became convinced that the next stage of enterprise computing would be built on the huge innovation potential of Digital Transformation with Cloud, Big Data, and AI/ML technologies.

As a result, Wireframe created a first-class skill portfolio focused on these three underlying megatrends. We have continued this strategic approach for almost 10 years now: we continuously observe relevant technological innovations in the data ecosystem and adopt new components when they are deemed promising enough and drop the ones that have no future.

We are technologists but we take great effort to have deep understanding of the business perspective. Because we come with a broad business background – ranging from risk management in banks to inventory optimization in manufacturing – we can confidently assess the impact of digital technologies on enterprises, and we are able to translate high-tech lingo into meaningful business solutions.

Our Customers.

We have the pleasure to work with leading brands.

Many of our clients are known worldwide. They are all driven by the pursuit of excellence. We help them to increase competitiveness and strengthen innovation by using cutting edge technology to become truly data driven.

Our Values

First Class Experts

We thrive on solving hard, meaningful problems with cutting-edge technology. Thinking strategically about IT innovations gives us a long-term view about evolution in computing and avoids ending up in tactical dead-ends. We are experts with deep knowledge about relevant technologies, but we always stay curious and keep learning. Achieving excellence in computing is the core driver in our daily work.

First Class Business Partners

We are a trusted partner for our clients, and we work hard to gain their esteem through our actions: we believe that trust and confidence build on an open and honest dialogue and transparency. We are laser-focused on results, and we take full accountability for these outcomes. Our agile mindset allows us to be fully aligned with ever-changing business realities. We believe in Win-Win relationships.

First Class People

As important as technology and business are, we are all humans working together. We believe that life is too short to ignore and devalue this aspect: we love working alongside innovative, talented people. Operate with respect and consideration of your peers, acting with empathy, honesty, transparency, and integrity is not a nice-to-have: we firmly believe that you cannot be successful in the long run without these qualities.

Our Careers

We are looking for smart and talented people who share our values: if that is you and you want to be part of a great team that is on an exciting mission, join us!


Both beginners and seasoned professionals are encouraged to apply for one of our three core roles:


We are looking for engineers to help build us a great UI for our product. Candidates ideally will have experience with building production-grade front-ends for enterprise products. Responsibilities will include all phases of front-end development: from design to implementation to testing.  This role requires technical savvy as well as creative thinking: how to visualize complex and large datasets in novel and exciting ways.

Cloud Developer

As a cloud developer you will be managing a scalable and highly available Data platform, AI/ML infrastructure ecosystems. We’re developing the platform on public cloud with containers as first-class citizens. Infrastructure is at the core of our platform, and we’re constantly innovating to make our systems more performant, timely, cost-effective, and capable while maintaining high reliability.

Data Science, AI/ML

We are looking for Machine Learning experts with a strong focus on Time Series Forecasting. This person will be hands-on and will work with developers to define product requirements as well as doing real-world production-grade forecasting for clients.  Be a company advocate to help drive thought leadership of the company through research and writing.   Seasoned professionals will help to identify product and business opportunities.

Come and join us!

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