Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence

Discover correlations to improve process control/insight/understanding

Optimize Manufacturing Processes
with AI/ML

Empower process and asset experts with advanced analytics to Analyze, Monitor, and Predict the operational performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes.


  • Availability
    Improve availability by eliminating unplanned downtime
  • Performance
    Optimize performance with actionable insights on abnormal situations
  • Safety
    Enhance safety by eliminating unplanned failures
  • Operation
    Improve operation through situational awareness and resource efficiency
  • Maintenance
    Limit maintenance costs with asset health monitoring
  • Quality
    Guarantee quality by learning golden batch profiles
  • Waste
    Cut back on waste by controlling losses
  • Energy
    Reduce energy costs and carbon footprint by optimizing efficiency

Analyzing complex manufacturing processes with IIoT data.


How much is inefficiency costing you?

Eliminate Inefficiencies that You Didn’t Even Know Existed

We are using pattern mining based on AI and machine learning to

  • Discover unknown correlations
  • Analyze and understand manufacturing anomalies
  • Reveal hidden growth opportunities
  • Turn complexity into clarity

Pattern Mining for Manufacturing

Pattern Mining brings clarity to complexity

Understand what Pattern Intelligence and Pattern Mining are: how does it work and why you need it.

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Powerful Platform or Pattern Package.
Your choice.

We have prepared two offerings to give you the power of pattern mining.




Powerful Platform for Pattern Mining

We have created a fully automated AI/ML platform to automatically scan and mine your complex manufacturing processes for optimal operations.

  • Lo-/No-Code Data Science
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Advanced Time Series algorithms

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Service Pack

Fixed Time, Fixed Price All-in-One Package

No risk, no capex, fixed time, fixed price. Great insights within 20 days. 1.000.000 questions asked.

  • Avoid Gartner’s top challenges
  • Get started right away
  • Make a strategic entrance into AI/ML

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