Analyze Usage Patterns for IoT-enabled Products and Devices

Uncover hidden usage patterns to optimize product features and create new data-driven services

Mining Usage Patterns
From Your IoT Data Streams

Deep in your IoT data streams, there are hidden patterns that allow you to understand, describe and predict customer behavior with mathematical precision. The challenge is that these regularities are not visible to the naked eye, and you need Machine Learning and computing power to make them visible.

From toothbrushes to heavy machinery, your IoT data are telling you stories.
Are you listening?


Get deep insights
to optimize your products and
create new growth opportunities

Unlock new growth opportunities with better insights and understanding.

Optimize product features

  • Understand context and ecosystem of clients to perform tasks
  • Emphasize/strengthen product features for newly discovered usage scenarios
  • Identify pain points, common gaps, eliminate weaknesses


Create new services

  • Design/create new (data-driven) services
  • Service opportunity discovery/ideation/exploration
  • Design new services to perfect customer experience

Usage Patterns Insights

Get real answers to key questions:


  • When and how long are products used?
  • How do usage profiles differ across customer segments?
  • Do you see any anomalies/outliers regarding usage patterns?
  • Who uses a product most often?
  • Do customers understand your product (and use it correctly)?
  • Can you predict usage patterns?
  • Can you identify (unexpected) usage types?
  • Which features of your product are used more/less often?

Pattern Mining for IoT-enabled Devices

Pattern Mining brings clarity to complexity

Understand what Pattern Intelligence and Pattern Mining are: how does it work and why you need it.

Learn More.

Powerful Platform or Pattern Package.
Your choice.

We have prepared two offerings to give you the power of pattern mining.


Powerful Platform for Pattern Mining

We have created a fully automated AI/ML platform to automatically scan and mine your complex manufacturing processes for optimal operations.

  • Lo-/No-Code Data Science
  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • Advanced Time Series algorithms

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Service Pack

Fixed Time, Fixed Price All-in-One Package

No risk, no capex, fixed time, fixed price. Great insights within 20 days. 1.000.000 questions asked.

  • Avoid Gartner’s top challenges
  • Get started right away
  • Make a strategic entrance into AI/ML

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